Service phone numbers

The optimal accounting option

We are providers of service numbers and offer all service prefixes available on the market (0800, 0180, 0900, 0137, 0700, 118, 018 and geographical numbers). The German service number 0900 in particular is ideal for billing chargeable service calls directly and easily to the caller. Here, the per-minute rate can be adjusted very flexibly to suit you.

We also offer this service for chargeable service numbers from Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.

In addition, we offer customised prepaid solutions for telephone counselling. This can be deployed and used worldwide.

We will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored exactly to your needs.

Service phone numbers

0800 Free call

Insertion purposes

The 0800 freephone number is ideal if you want to bear the costs of the call. This can be very useful in the area of complaints or feedback, for example.


  • Added value for your customers
  • Your real phone number remains invisible
  • Complete transparency: detailed invoices

0180 Service number

Insertion purposes

The 0180 service number is ideal if you want to have a single number that can be flexibly switched to any number. We have been a provider in this area for many years.


  • The customer has a single telephone number
  • Your real phone number remains invisible
  • Your client contributes to the costs.


Zeitabhängiger Tarif 1
Anruferpreis: 3,9 Cent* / Minute
Festtarif 1
Anruferpreis: 6,0 Cent* / per call
Festtarif 1
Anruferpreis: 9,0 Cent / Minute
Zeitabhängiger Tarif 2
Anruferpreis: 20,0 Cent* / per call
Festtarif 2
Anruferpreis: 14,0 Cent* / Minute
*Mobile calls differ

0137 Voting service

The service number 0137 is ideal for carrying out surveys and competitions. Following the poll, an address registration can take place.

0900 Premium-Service

With the 0900 service number, you can bill chargeable services such as a telephone consultation directly via the caller´s telephone bill. You have a great deal of flexibility with regard to the per-minute rate.


In addition to the free choice of tariff (up to a maximum of 3 euros per minute), flat-rate remuneration (for example 10.00 euros per call) can also be charged directly.

Purpose of use

  • Fundraising
  • Support hotlines
  • Telephone counselling in general


  • Highest transparency
  • Detailed statements
  • Billing and collection service
  • Freely selectable per-minute tariffs or tariff per call
  • Flexible definition of the call number(s) to which the call is to be switched

Free initial consultation

In our free initial consultation, we determine exactly your actual needs and your personal ideas. We then submit an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs. In doing so, we incorporate our many years of experience so that your project can be implemented perfectly.
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