Software development

Software development

We offer various tools to make internet presence successful

  • Customer newsletter
  • Shop systems
  • Commission systems
  • Individual software developments
  • Workflow optimisations
software developments
The development of customised software at affordable prices is one of our particular strengths!

Internal processes
In most companies, there are recurring tasks that are carried out manually to the greatest possible extent, despite the use of modern PCs. This costs time and (unnecessary) effort. In addition, manual work is usually accompanied by a certain error rate. In order to reduce the error rate, even more time is invested.

There is often a huge potential for savings here. We analyse your internal processes and automate them as much as possible.

External processes
Here, too, a lot of time is often invested unnecessarily. Be it because price lists from different suppliers have to be merged / imported manually, or because your web applications do not work together optimally.
  • Optimisation of existing systems
  • New systems made to measure
Do you have a special idea or a specific need? Talk to us!

Free initial consultation
Take advantage of our free initial consultation. This makes it easy and simple to clarify many things!

Customer Newsletter

Our fully automated newsletter system enhances your website and sustainably promotes contact with your visitors.

Our newsletter tool consists of two parts. On the one hand, we design an administration page for you, with which you can quickly and easily send your information to all registered recipients via your browser at the touch of a button. The second part consists of a newsletter form. This can be integrated anywhere on your website. This allows your visitors to subscribe automatically. We have also designed and automated the unsubscription from the newsletter in a very user-friendly way.

Shop systems

You would also like to participate in the much-cited eBusiness? We programme your customised shop system, adapted to your requirements. Simple and uncomplicated. An integrated commission system is optionally possible. This way you can easily set up your own partner programme.

shop systemsshop systems

Commission systems

The use of a commission system has proven to be a successful sales strategy. The system gives you the opportunity to offer other websites remuneration for successful referrals.

The administration of this system is conveniently possible via your browser. You can award individual commissions. Your partners also have the possibility to call up your sales statistics via browser and individual access at any time.

Enter new partners quickly and easily via your browser. Each partner receives a unique ID which they include in their link to you. Every deal that comes about as a result of a recommendation from this partner can be remunerated (individually if necessary).

Individual software developments

Individual solutions adapted to your requirements are our strength. Together with you, we develop a concept with a detailed service description.

For example, a number of our customers would like to maintain frequently updated content (link list, news, etc.) themselves without programming knowledge. For this purpose, we have developed an interface (Peernet Webcontent) that allows this to be done conveniently using a browser.

Workflow optimisations

Example Dental Workflow

The workflow software Dental Workflow, developed by us, can also be used to control and transparently design the work processes in the company itself. All workplaces can be integrated, for example, to control a production process according to defined procedures.
Especially with frequently recurring activities, the question of automation or partial automation arises. There is often enormous potential hidden here. For example, incoming emails can be analysed and processed in a complex manner.


Advantages of our software

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